The Danger of Sugarcoating Job Descriptions: How to Write Accurate Job Descriptions and Attract the Best Candidates

The Danger of Sugarcoating Job Descriptions: How to Write Accurate Job Descriptions and Attract the Best Candidates

Job descriptions vary from organization to organization, even those that are for the same types of roles and titles. This can often be confusing for both applicants and individuals within an organization who want to recruit or refer qualified candidates. As an employer, taking steps to ensure accuracy in your job descriptions is essential for ensuring the best fit candidates apply to your jobs.

Here are some tips for making sure your job descriptions are written as correctly as possible:

Lead with a comprehensive overview.

When writing a job description, it’s important to provide a comprehensive overview of the role itself, including the nature of the job and company expectations for the position. Developing an attention-grabbing summary will draw candidates to the opening, making them want to learn more about your workplace culture and overall environment.


Be specific about qualifications.

Using overly generalized or vague details about the job’s requirements is a surefire way to turn off candidates and recruit the wrong individuals. From educational degrees to professional experience, it’s critical to be as specific as possible about what’s required to qualify for the job and excel in the position. Typically, a separate section within the job description stating required qualifications is the best way to present these details, as it will provide candidates with clarity and eliminate confusion.


Include a salary range.

Neglecting to include a salary range can be misleading for a couple reasons. First, many candidates might be led to believe the position pays far less or far more than it does, based on their research of similar job opportunities. Second, candidates deserve to spend time applying to jobs that meet their salary needs and credentials. Providing this information up front will ensure candidates are generally knowledgeable about what type of pay they can expect before moving forward with the application process.


By following the tips above, you’ll avoid sugarcoating job descriptions and attract only the best talent to your openings.


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