‘Tis the Season for Hiring for Multifamily Real Estate and Property Management Positions

‘Tis the Season for Hiring for Multifamily Real Estate and Property Management Positions

As the holiday season is upon us, have you considered ways to improve your property’s operations and bottom line in the new year? If you currently have limited help in managing the many facets of your property, it may be time to hire a management professional with experience in the multifamily or real estate industry.

Here are some of the reasons to consider the addition of a property manager to your team:

Improving business development. 

A property manager can be instrumental to your business development efforts if you’re constantly working to attract more tenants. Property managers execute strategies from marketing campaigns to community outreach programs to engage with prospective tenants, sell or rent more units, and increase occupancy. Typically, the most qualified property managers or multifamily professionals have some core marketing skills that allow them to increase business development from the ground up.


Managing legal and compliance issues.

With the ever-changing legal and compliance landscape, employing property managers to handle these complex issues can keep your company functioning properly and reduce liabilities. Property managers with a deep understanding of local, state, and federal regulations (as well as fair housing regulations) will ensure your property is fully compliant with all legal requirements. This will alleviate you and others on your staff from having to deal with legal concerns.


Ongoing maintenance.

Ongoing maintenance is typically a major responsibility of any property owner. Property managers generally handle the coordination of all maintenance needs, such as painting; plumbing; electrical repairs; landscaping; snow plowing; and much more. Your manager will take care of hiring vendors to perform necessary maintenance tasks, ensuring both routine and emergency issues are promptly addressed and that your property’s needs are not neglected.

For these reasons, among many others, property management professionals can significantly improve many aspects of the way your property functions.


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