How Do You Know if You Can Trust an Employer?

How Do You Know if You Can Trust an Employer?

Trust – a simple five-letter word with the power to make or break any relationship. As a jobseeker, your ability to assess employers for their transparency and integrity is essential for choosing the right job and company.

Before you accept a new job, here are some tips for determining whether you can trust an employer:


Research the company’s mission. A company’s mission and values can speak volumes about its commitment to its people, as well as its clients or customers. Taking time to delve into the organization’s societal impact through its website, social media pages, and news coverage can open your eyes to how much its leadership truly cares about the well-being of those involved in the company – from upper management to entry-level employees.


Read online reviews about the company. While you should always take employer reviews with a grain of salt, an abundance of negative reviews about the company is definitely a red flag. You can compare feedback on different career sites, taking a close look at work-life balance, pay, benefits, flexibility, and PTO. Considering a variety of reviews from former and current employees will shed more light on what the company has to offer.


Ask the right questions during the interview. It’s helpful to use the interview as an opportunity not just to learn about the job, but the company at large. Think first about what’s most important to you. For example, do you work best in an open office environment in which you can easily collaborate with others? If so, you may consider asking about teambuilding initiatives in which you can regularly learn from others in the workplace and grow professionally.


By making trust a priority when evaluating potential employers, you can make the best decision for your next career move.


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