Flexible Staffing for Property Management and Leasing Agents: Meeting Seasonal and Cyclical Demands

Flexible Staffing for Property Management and Leasing Agents: Meeting Seasonal and Cyclical Demands

Does it feel like staffing demands are constantly shifting? With rental and multifamily properties on the rise, there’s been a major need for staff in all areas of the property management field, from administrative professionals to maintenance workers. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the ever-changing hiring landscape alone! Here are some of the main ways in which Liberty Group can deliver flexible staffing solutions to help you manage fluctuations for your company:

Filling short-term roles. In many cases, contract staffing is an ideal option for multifamily properties in need of workers to fill short-term roles. Contract workers are employed on a temporary basis and can be hired for a variety of positions. Contract employment has many benefits, especially for employers struggling to keep up with seasonal demands for their properties (such as summer landscaping) or filling vacancies on an interim basis.


Saving money. One of the most significant benefits of flexible staffing is the cost savings. By utilizing a flexible staffing model, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to pay full-time salaries or benefits. Based on your ongoing workforce demands, you may opt to hire workers only when you have the need for specific types of labor throughout the year. For instance, many companies hire grounds maintenance workers only during the spring and summer. Other companies expand their team of leasing agents to ramp up tenant recruitment efforts during certain months. Hiring workers solely when they are needed most can be an impactful cost-savings vehicle for your bottom line.

Accessing specialized skills. In many cases, property owners need specialized skillsets to accommodate a certain area of their business. For example, if you’re having new multifamily units constructed, you may need workers who specialize in plumbing installation services. Or, if you’ve increased tenant volume on your property, you may require more office staff to facilitate paperwork and communicate with residents. With flexible staffing, you can hire employees with the skills to perform these roles without having to vet hundreds of potential candidates!

For these reasons, among others, flexible staffing can transform the way in which you recruit and hire new staff. By taking advantage of the benefits above, you’ll improve the quality of your workforce while enhancing many elements of your business’s management and operations.

Are you interested in flexible staffing options for your real estate or property management business? Contactthe Liberty Group and learn how our flexible staffing solutions can meet your seasonal or cyclical workforce demands.