Mastering Time Management as a Leasing Agent

Mastering Time Management as a Leasing Agent

If you have a job as a leasing agent, you’re probably used to working in a very fast-paced environment that may feel tiring and stressful sometimes. In many cases, effective time management can be instrumental to your ability to successfully perform your job and maintain a high degree of performance. Here are some of the most underrated tips for how to master time management as a leasing agent:

Customize your schedule. For many leasing agents, a typical 9-5 schedule is unrealistic for meeting all the demands of the job. Customizing your weekly schedule is essential for prioritizing your time and working a daily routine that allows you to accomplish your most important tasks. In some cases, leasing agents incorporate modified work hours to allow more time for property inspections or resident meetings. Doing this allows you to plan your week around your out-of-office commitments so they don’t interfere with other responsibilities, such as administrative work.


Evaluate screen time. While technology can certainly have an incredible impact on productivity, too much time spent on phones, computers, and tablets can be detrimental. If you notice yourself scrolling through social media most of the day, it’s safe to say you may not be managing your time in a way that results in the generation of new sales or leads. By being mindful of your technology use, you can take steps to control how much time you allocate specifically to activities like email or social media marketing.

Establish an agenda for every meeting. Though meetings may seem important, they can often be a major waste of time if they aren’t executed properly. Before scheduling any meeting, establish an agenda for exactly what needs to be discussed or accomplished. This will help to set expectations among every attendee, keeping your discussion organized so that all key items are addressed without people becoming sidetracked. Taking this approach will ensure your meetings keep your organization moving forward in the right direction.

Remember, your time is your most valuable asset. Following the tips above will help you maximize your time while improving your overall job satisfaction!

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