What to Bring to An Interview

Gearing up for a round of interviews? While it’s easy to become focused on preparing interview responses, it’s equally important to prepare certain items to bring with you to interviews. Taking the time to gather important materials can result in a smoother interview process while making you feel more at ease as you meet employers. […]

5 Tips To Walking Through Your Work History

There’s no question that your employment history is one of the most important parts of your resume. After all, employers consider work experience as one of the most critical factors when evaluating candidates’ qualifications and potential to excel within their organizations. During your job search, your ability to fully articulate your employment history during an […]

Expect the Unexpected! How to Answer These Wacky Interview Questions

As you get ready for job interviews, chances are you focus your preparation mainly on answering questions related to your professional experience, education and skills. However, often candidates are faced with interview questions that go beyond the typical line of questioning. In fact, these more “off color” questions can often delve into personal territory which […]