What to Bring to An Interview

What to Bring to An Interview

Gearing up for a round of interviews? While it’s easy to become focused on preparing interview responses, it’s equally important to prepare certain items to bring with you to interviews. Taking the time to gather important materials can result in a smoother interview process while making you feel more at ease as you meet employers.


Here are some key materials to bring along with you:


Copies of your resume. 

Even if you’ve emailed your resume to an employer, never assume your interviewer will have your resume handy. It’s advisable to bring a few copies of your resume to every interview in case the interviewer (or interviewers) ask for it. Having your resume copies together in a folder or professional folio will keep them in one organized file and make them easy to access during your interview.


List of references.

In many cases, employers will request a list of references upon your interview. Bringing a list of at least two or three references will save a lot of time and stress throughout the duration of the interview process. Your list should contain current contact information for your references and the references’ full names and job titles, as well as a note about your connection to each of them. Contacting your references and preparing this list in advance will streamline the hiring process for both you and the employer.


Interview directions and logistics.

A major part of interview preparation involves gathering directions to the interview site ahead of time, as well as any other important logistics, such as parking details or location specifics. Making sure you have this information in hand on your interview day will not only relieve your stress but ensure you arrive at your interview on time without appearing disheveled. When in doubt, always confirm with the employer everything you need to know before your scheduled interview!


Bringing the above items to your interview is key to making a strong impression while feeling confident in your performance.


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