Using a Job Search as the Perfect Opportunity to Tell Your Story

Looking for a job can be a time consuming, stressful time for just about anyone. It’s an incredibly pivotal moment in one’s life – looking for not only a source of income but also trying to maintain as much control over the place where they will spend the majority of their time each day. Because of […]

3 ways to provide compelling proof in a job interview

Congratulations — you got the interview! A job interview provides employers a terrific opportunity to find the best candidate to fill a job opening. Now it is up to you to prove you are the ideal candidate. Let’s look at three ways to do this. 1. Proof is in your examples Questions that interviewers ask to better […]

During an interview: The supervisory-related questions

In virtually all industries it is an accepted truism that an employee’s relationship with their supervisor (or boss) will be a strong predictor of a successful  job “fit.” It is important to discover how well they’ve gotten along with previous supervisors, and what they look for in a supervisor/employee relationship. Use these kinds of questions […]

The Hiring Process

At The Liberty Group, we understand that a job search can be stressful and frustrating. Looking for work is as consuming as a full time job. When you work with The Liberty Group, we strive to provide you with the specialized attention necessary for a successful job placement. You’ll be working with a partner who knows […]