Is Your Leadership Style Too Harsh for Your Employees?

Is Your Leadership Style Too Harsh for Your Employees?

Have you ever thought about how your leadership style plays a role in your employees’ performance? Unfortunately, many leaders are often quick to judge their employees without giving much attention to their own actions and behaviors. A lack of mindfulness about your own leadership can lead to a poor culture, and worst of all, an unmotivated team of employees. Regardless of how successful your organization may be, it’s in your best interest to evaluate whether your leadership style may be negatively affecting your employees.

One of the most significant red flags of poor leadership is anxious employees. Anxiousness is usually reflected by nervous behavior, such as stumbling on words or missing deadlines. If your employees often beat themselves up over mistakes, that could be a sign they are feeling overburdened and stressed to the max. While you may be tempted to give your employees some “tough love,” the best approach is to revisit your employees’ workloads and the expectations you’ve set for them. You can dial down the intensity by breaking projects into smaller assignments and making sure not to overreact when your employees make mistakes.


Another significant sign your leadership style is off the mark is poor communication between you and your employees. If your employees are afraid to give you any bad news, or hesitant to share anything with you, this is usually an indicator of low-grade communication. You can shift your leadership by promoting a two-way communication model in which employees are given ample opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns. Encouraging open communication is the best way to increase engagement and improve areas of weakness among your team and operations.


The key takeaway? Rather than sweeping leadership issues under the rug, take action and be proactive about identifying what your leadership is lacking so your employees don’t have to suffer.      

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