Five Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Staff This Holiday Season

Five Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Staff This Holiday Season

You’ve probably heard about the importance of showing employee appreciation, but how often do you do it? The holiday season can be a wonderful time of year to give thanks to your employees and recognize everything they do to live out your organization’s mission. Fortunately, there are many ways to express gratitude and show your employees you care.


Take note of these five ways you can show your employees the recognition and thanks they deserve:

  1. Offer flexible scheduling during the holidays.

Though it’s not feasible for every organization, this can be a great way to help your employees strike a healthy work-life balance during the busyness of the holidays. Between family commitments and holiday festivities, your employees will appreciate the ability to have some freedom in planning their work schedules. One way to ensure you always have proper staffing is to create a company-wide calendar so your employees can balance their time off with their co-workers.


  1. Give monetary gifts.

Though chocolates and knickknacks may be nice at the moment, money is always the best gift to give your employees if you can afford it. Whether done in the form of end-of-year bonuses or gift certificates, employees will enjoy using the money at their own discretion – especially during the holidays when many people’s budgets are tight.


  1. Plan company-wide festivities.

Pre-Thanksgiving holiday time presents the ideal opportunity to build more camaraderie among your employees while showing your appreciation. Consider treating your staff to a happy hour or catered lunch to express your gratitude and give your employees an outlet to relax and have fun at work. During company-wide gatherings, be sure to thank all your employees for their contributions and express how grateful you are for their hard work and dedication.


  1. Provide professional development opportunities.

Surprisingly, one of the greatest ways to show appreciation is by giving your staff ample opportunities to advance themselves. By investing in your employees’ learning and growth, you’ll demonstrate a commitment to their future success. Examples of this may include offering on-the-job training programs, professional seminars or industry lunch-and-learns.


  1. Say thank you.

It sounds so simple, but saying thank you is one of the most powerful things you can do. If possible, try to acknowledge every single employee for their individual accomplishments. Not only does this reinforce positive behavior, but it also shows your employees their talents are highly valued and appreciated.


Though you should always show appreciation for your employees, taking the extra steps above can be more special at holiday time. Remember, even just small gestures can make a significant impact!


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