Make Their Day: Four Holiday-Themed Treats Your Co-Workers Will Love!

Make Their Day: Four Holiday-Themed Treats Your Co-Workers Will Love!

The days at work leading into the holiday season can often feel long and arduous with everybody looking forward to the long holiday weekend. With many projects and tasks to get done before the holiday season hits in full force, many of your co-workers are probably finding themselves stressed and overwhelmed. Why not lighten the mood with some fun holiday-themed treats they will love?


Check out these four easy office treats that are sure to impress your co-workers:


  1. Apple Caramel Spice Buns.

    Who doesn’t love an apple dessert on a crisp fall day? The combination of a delicious apple and decadent caramel in the form of a puff pastry will call all your co-workers to the break room. The best part is the recipe for this perfectly indulgent dessert doesn’t call for many ingredients. And, as a shortcut, you can use frozen puff pastry dough or puff-pastry sheets.


  1. Cheese Straws.

    Sometimes a savory, salty snack just hits the spot. If your team is planning to meet for a pre-holiday lunch or happy hour, this cheese straws recipe will do the trick. Crisp and flavorful, with just a little spice, they “combine the crunch of breadsticks with the rich flavors of Parmesan and sharp cheddar, and beautifully complement wine, champagne or punch.” The best part of this recipe is its versatility, as cheese straws can be used as a stand-alone snack with a glass of wine or paired with assorted fruit such as grapes or berries.


  1. Candy-Filled Cupcakes.

    For your co-workers who are candy-lovers at heart, this candy-filled cupcake recipe can satisfy any sweet tooth and make everyone feel like kids on their birthdays again. These delectable cupcakes can be filled with any small candy your heart desires, such as M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces or gummy bears. While they appear like a regular cupcake on the outside, their surprising filling is what makes them so delicious.


  1. Salted-Caramel Rice Krispies Treats.

    A fall twist on everyone’s favorite rice Krispie treats, this recipe is sure to bring everyone back to their childhoods. One of the simplest treats you can make, these little squares call for few very ingredients. As long as you have Rice Krispies, marshmallows, caramel sauce, salt and some dark chocolate on hand, you can whip these up in no time!


No matter how hectic the holiday season may be, these easy-to-make treats are sure to make your workplace more fun. Get baking and spread the joy!


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