Ready to Hire New Groundskeepers? Here’s How to Find the Best Workers!

Ready to Hire New Groundskeepers? Here’s How to Find the Best Workers!

Are you in the process of hiring groundskeepers? Many property managers would agree that finding reputable, reliable workers is easier said than done. However, hiring workers with competence and a positive attitude is essential to the successful operations of your property on all levels. It’s simple – if your property suffers, your tenants will leave!


As you screen candidates for groundskeeper jobs, here are some key traits to look for in potential hires:


Cooperative and adaptable 

With property conditions being unpredictable due to changes in weather and other unforeseen circumstances, it’s important to hire groundskeepers with a good-natured, cooperative attitude. During the interview process, ask candidates how adaptable and willing they are to handle unexpected situations and work with a team. Typically, top-quality groundskeepers will have prior work experience they can draw from on the job, which puts them in the best position to navigate on-site challenges that may arise on your property.


Punctual and efficient

When it comes to property management, it’s important your groundskeepers consistently arrive to their shifts on time. No matter what, you must be able to depend on your workers to fulfill their duties on-site and fulfill their daily obligations without having to call or follow up with them. Along with being punctual, groundskeepers should also be highly efficient and able to work at a decent pace, so their required tasks are completed in a timely fashion.


Attention to detail

Remember, your grounds are the first thing potential tenants see when they look at your property. Proper maintenance of highly manicured grounds involves a strong attention to detail, in which all landscaping is cared for consistently with the right tools and expertise. Ideally, your groundskeepers should be knowledgeable about how to use the best equipment for maintaining the most pristine and well-kept grounds.


With the right hiring approach, it is possible to find workers who possess all the traits above and more. Investing in the best groundskeeping employees will position your facility for greater success and productivity for the long haul.


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