Updating Your LinkedIn Profile for the Job You Want

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile for the Job You Want

If you’re on the search for a new job, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your resume. But have you considered how your online presence can help you – or hurt you – in getting the job of your dreams? The majority of employers today are looking beyond traditional resumes and seeking information for candidates online, especially on LinkedIn. As one of the most well-known professional networking sites out there, any job seeker who’s serious about their career should be on LinkedIn.


As you seek to garner attention from employers, here are some helpful tips for updating your LinkedIn profile:


Include a professional headshot.  

Even though LinkedIn is technically a social networking site, it’s not anything like Facebook or Instagram. To present yourself in the best light possible, you must have a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile. Your picture is the first thing somebody will look at when viewing your profile and can largely determine how you’re perceived in the matter of a split second. Remember, first impressions matter. If you don’t appear to take yourself seriously, how can you expect anybody else to?


Create an informative and engaging summary.

Many people opt to skip the summary section of their profile, thinking it won’t matter or doesn’t add any value. When it comes to marketing yourself on LinkedIn, having a complete profile means including a full and engaging summary of who you are as a professional, as well as your career interests and goals. A brief summary of about 150-200 words will give employers a quick glimpse of who you are even before they dig into your background and experience. When developing your summary, it’s best to think about what attributes define you as a professional and distinguish you from others in your industry. This will capture the attention of employers and recruiters seeking candidates with your skill set.


Edit and proofread your entire profile.

Candidates often give far more attention to the presentation of their resume than their LinkedIn profile which is a huge mistake! You should treat your LinkedIn profile no different than you would a paper resume. This means articulating your experience in a clear and concise matter and using bullets as necessary. You should also adhere to proper grammar and spelling when communicating your background, employment and skills in each section of your profile. To prevent errors, consider entering your text into a Word document first for spell-check purposes before inserting your content into your LinkedIn page.


In many cases, your LinkedIn profile will be the first thing an employer sees about you. Failing to adequately update your profile with the tips above can easily go against you in the hiring process. By making your LinkedIn profile a priority, you can better showcase yourself online when connecting with employers and exploring employment opportunities.


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