How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your On-site Talent

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your On-site Talent

Almost every organization conducts performance reviews; however, many leaders fail to give constructive feedback to on-site talent in the most meaningful and productive way. When things go wrong, it’s easy to bear down on employees and focus only on the negative. Giving constructive feedback is an art within itself, requiring a commitment not only to improving your employees, but your organizational culture at large.


Here are some strategies for offering constructive feedback that will have a powerful impact on your employees and bottom line:


Provide context for feedback.

Giving feedback without providing context is likely to confuse employees and make things more complex than needed. When giving constructive criticism, it’s only fair to explain to employees why certain changes need to be made – rather than just telling them what to do. This will help your employees better understand the value of their individual roles within the scope of your entire organization, ultimately making them more motivated to work harder on the job.


Make feedback part of your culture.

It’s not enough to provide feedback one or two times and expect it to have a positive, long-lasting effect on your employees. To make a true impact on your team, you must make feedback part of your organization’s overarching culture. This means requiring managers to have monthly or bimonthly check-in meetings with their teams, so employees are regularly informed of what they’re doing right and what needs improvement. This not only improves productivity and performance, it reinforces to employees their strengths while helping them work on areas of weakness.


Give employees the tools and resources to improve.

Feedback – no matter how thorough or helpful it may be – will not be effective unless employees are given the tools and resources to improve and make necessary changes to their performance. When providing constructive feedback, it’s important to give employees access to the appropriate training and mentorship they will need to excel. Providing ample support and guidance is one of the only ways to ensure your employees will continue learning from their mistakes and advance in their roles.


As you engage your employees and onboard new talent, the practices above will become paramount in how you manage your team. By offering constructive feedback through this approach, you’ll give your employees an opportunity to grow and contribute to your organization in a way that’s consistent with positive cultural practices.

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