Is Your Management Style Sabotaging Your Workplace Productivity?

Is Your Management Style Sabotaging Your Workplace Productivity?

Have you implemented numerous productivity hacks at your organization with little to no results? Sadly, many managers blame everyone but themselves for poor productivity. To achieve successful outcomes, managers must always reflect on how their management practices affect the outcomes of their team’s performance. In many cases, managers set the tone for their workplace and have the ability to influence employees’ performance in many ways. Here are some of the most common poor management practices that can significantly sabotage workplace productivity:


Failure to offer recognition

Failing to reward employees for their achievements will drive down motivation, which in turn has a negative effect on productivity levels. Good managers consistently recognize employees who make positive contributions to the organization, which creates a culture of high morale. Recognition also gives all employees a model for top performance they can emulate and look to as guidance.



Constantly overseeing and judging your workers’ performance will make them resentful of you as a manager and stunt their own personal growth and development. Micromanagement gets in the way of independent thought, as employees feel too restricted to contribute their own ideas and opinions. Productive employees are those who are empowered to make decisions on the job without having to always answer to somebody above them. Managers who encourage employees to solve challenges on their own will ultimately build a team that collaborates and thrives.


Little passion or interest

To be effective, managers must lead with excitement and drive to inspire their teams to reach their greatest potential. When employees sense boredom or indifference from their leadership, they’ll be likely to follow suit and take a similar approach to their work. Managers who are invested in their organization’s mission will inspire employees to become the best versions of themselves in the workplace, even during the most challenging times.


As a manager, it can be extremely impactful to take an inventory of the factors above and determine how your management style may be affecting your workforce. The more mindful you are about your own practices, the more effective you will be in improving your team’s productivity.


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