A Day In The Life Of a Property Manager: Here’s What You Need to Know

A Day In The Life Of a Property Manager: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a job where you can build a foundation of management and customer skills? You may want to explore the many facets of an exciting career in property management. From managing operations to handling tenant inquiries, a day in the life of a property manager is never dull. If you’re good at working with others and can manage a variety of responsibilities, property management may be just what you’re looking for as you grow your career. And the good news is many property management skills, such as customer service and budgeting, can be learned along the way.


Here’s a breakdown of tasks and responsibilities in the life of a property manager:


Day-to-day operations

Property managers must be involved in every aspect of their property’s operations – including landscaping, snowplowing and all forms of maintenance both inside and outside their facility complex. They are typically tasked with coordinating the appropriate individuals to handle maintenance, especially for issues that arise suddenly, such as a broken heater or a flooded apartment. They must also handle the financial end of operations, ensuring the cost of repairs and general upkeep is budgeted accordingly.


Tenant communications

Because there are so many tenants in one facility, property managers are constantly expected to address questions and concerns. Whether it’s a noise complaint or an issue regarding rent payments, communicating with tenants by phone and email is a part of any property manager’s daily routine. Property managers must be prepared to address tenant issues in a professional manner, even during the most challenging situations. Exhibiting patience and a positive attitude is one of the most important ways to foster positive relationships with tenants.


Crisis management

Putting out fires is inevitably part of the job of any property manager. Properties of all sizes require a significant amount of time and attention when crises occur. For example, damage to a property can occur from bad weather or reckless tenants. Property managers must be prepared to handle any crisis that comes their way in a prompt and efficient manner, so that others on the property are unaffected. While this can be stressful at times, it’s part of the job.


As you seek new career options, there’s a significant value in acclimating yourself with the day-to-day role of property managers. If you find yourself skilled at multitasking and managing a variety of tasks on a daily basis, a property management job may be a great career avenue to explore!


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