How to Leave a Lasting Impression With a Potential Employer

How to Leave a Lasting Impression With a Potential Employer

If you’re actively going on job interviews, you may be tempted to rush through each interview and “check all the boxes” as you answer questions and follow all the standard interview protocols. However, a successful interview is often based on your ability to effectively and thoughtfully convey your qualifications and position yourself as a memorable candidate in the eyes of the interviewer. Leaving a long-lasting impression on a potential employer requires a strategic effort, as you’ll want the interviewer to remember you once the interview is over. As you go on interviews, here are some useful strategies you can use to leave a long-lasting impression on potential employers:


Know your resume inside out.

In many cases, your interviewer will use your resume to guide them in their line of questioning about your experience, skills and education. It’s vital you know and can articulate every aspect of your resume – from your employment history to your community service. Your ability to “sell yourself” will demonstrate you have a clear understanding of what you bring to the table as a candidate and how your qualifications are a fit for the job. Connecting your resume directly to the role will likely impress the employer, as you won’t just be promoting yourself, but explaining why you believe your skills are strongly aligned with the role at hand.


Ask thoughtful questions.

Many employers will agree the most memorable candidates are those who ask the most thoughtful questions during their interviews. Asking questions demonstrates an invested interest in both the job and the company, showing the interviewer you care about the opportunity and aren’t just seeking a new job for the paycheck. Before your interview, do some online research about the company and prepare at least two or three questions to ask either during or after the interview is complete. For example, some of your questions may pertain to the company’s workplace culture, career growth opportunities or mentorship programs.


Follow up with the interviewer.

Often what you do to follow up with an employer after the interview can be just as powerful as the interview itself. Within one or two days of the interview, follow up with the interviewer with a handwritten or emailed thank-you note. Following up demonstrates interest in the position, and most importantly, a strong degree of professionalism and gratitude that many other candidates won’t have. In your note, be sure to reference the conversation you had during the interview and reinforce why you’re a fit for the position.


By preparing for interviews with the strategies above, you’ll make a long-lasting impression on employers. This will not only improve your interviewing skills but make you more likely to stand out from the competition and get hired!


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