Adding More Flexibility to the Workday Can Make Employees Happier – Here’s Why!

Adding More Flexibility to the Workday Can Make Employees Happier – Here’s Why!

Chances are you’ve heard about companies offering flexibility to their employees, but you may have never considered its many benefits. As employee job satisfaction and retention become top priorities for many organizations, it’s worth learning about the benefits flexibility adds to your employees’ workday. Here are some of the reasons to implement flextime policies in 2019:


Reduced burnout

No employee enjoys feeling completely burned out after a long day at work. Giving employees flexibility will allow them to design a life that aligns with both their personal and professional commitments. For example, some employees may opt to arrive at work early in the morning, so they can leave the office by 3 p.m. to pick up their children from school. Offering employees the option to create a work schedule in which they can better balance their family obligations will enhance their quality of life and result in less burnout.


Improved morale

Giving your employees flexibility in their work routines demonstrates a high level of trust in their abilities. This often translates to improved morale in your workplace, in which your employees feel more respected by management and are empowered with the freedom to balance their work with personal responsibilities. This creates high morale within your workplace, so your employees are fulfilled personally and professionally. Employees who are happy in all aspects of their lives will have more positive attitudes at work, contributing to a culture that breeds strong relationships.


Better productivity

With flexibility, employees can choose which hours and parts of the day they prefer working. For example, many people are more productive in the mornings rather than late in the afternoon, while others are more productive working late at night. Allowing your employees to choose what time of day they’d like to work will result in better performance and greater job satisfaction.


Offering flexibility is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve happiness in your workplace. The key is to develop a flex-policy that makes most sense for your organization while benefitting your employees in the process.


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