The Newest Trends to Help You Attract Talent to Your On-Site Team

The Newest Trends to Help You Attract Talent to Your On-Site Team

If you’re a property manager or owner, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find high-quality workers. Attracting talent to your on-site team can be exhausting, especially as unexpected vacancies occur and internal demands increase. However, investing in your current employees and culture can indirectly create a stream of talent – reducing time spent posting jobs, screening applicants and onboarding new workers. While this process is certainly easier said than done, here are some steps your property management company can take today to get on track:

Define your culture – and execute it.  

To attract driven, high-quality candidates, your company must develop a vibrant culture in which your employees can grow and learn. A top culture in today’s workforce embraces various initiatives, such as flextime; professional development opportunities; and companywide social gatherings. Making your workplace an environment in which your staff can grow personally and professionally is instrumental to building a culture that others from the outside want to be part of. As you refine your culture, think about what company values matter most to you. From there, you can implement initiatives that reflect upon these values in a way that benefits your team and builds a positive reputation for your company.

Embrace new ideas.

Remember, your employees have their own ideas, opinions and beliefs – and embracing them can do wonders for your culture and bottom line! For example, your maintenance workers are often the first ones to handle major problems regarding damages and repairs. Chances are they have their own ideas about how to improve parts of your property in the most efficient or cost-effective way. Making an effort to listen to your maintenance crew can be instrumental in transforming how you solve certain problems, and most importantly, showing your employees you value their recommendations.

Elevate your employees.

While recognizing your employees for their accomplishments is always important, consider elevating your staff in an entirely new way. For example, have you given your top employees a chance to train new workers? Have they been given a chance to take on new projects or initiatives? Do they feel comfortable contributing their talents to other departments? Empowering your employees with opportunities to advance themselves on the job is critical to their motivation levels and ability to rise into higher roles. Elevating your employees will not only retain them for the long term but turn them into positive brand ambassadors for your company. This can ultimately lead to a stream of internal referrals that will allow you to efficiently fill vacant positions with qualified talent.

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