Three Top Skills to Help You Excel in Your Property Management Career

Three Top Skills to Help You Excel in Your Property Management Career

Have you been working in the property management field for several years, but just can’t seem to get ahead? To truly excel in your property management career, you must make a sustained effort to invest in your professional development. As you seek to grow your career and take on more responsibilities, there are some crucial skills you should continue to develop. Here are three skills that will allow you maintain a competitive edge in the field:


If there’s one skill that’s paramount to any property manager, it’s strong communication. Your ability to have positive interactions with renters, property owners, real estate agents, contractors and repair workers, among many others, is essential for handling the many interpersonal situations on the job – from tenant concerns and renter questions to maintenance problems! You can improve your communication skills by becoming a more avid listener; focusing on key points during your conversations; and paying more attention to your nonverbal body language.

Customer service

An ability to deliver top-notch customer service is integral to achieving any successful property management career. Regardless of what type of property you manage, you’ll be expected to handle any issues, concerns and expectations of existing and potential tenants. Exemplifying a high degree of professionalism and grace when handling a multitude of situations is what separates expectational property management professionals from average ones. You can work on your customer service skills by fostering teamwork among your staff; developing your problem-solving abilities; and being proactive in addressing property concerns before they become larger issues.

Organization and time management

Going hand in hand, organization and time management may be the most important skills in property management. Because your demands on the job will vary each day, it’s essential you learn how to properly manage how your time is spent on your daily activities. For example, you’ll need to allocate time for tasks related to management; administration responsibilities; customer service; and marketing – just to name a few! You must also be skilled at delegating work among your team so the many functions of your property run smoothly. As you evaluate your time management abilities, think about implementing a new process or system that could make you more efficient and productive. This could include a variety of initiatives, such as purchasing a new scheduling tool for your office staff or using a recruiting firm to handle your hiring needs.

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