Three Signs a Recent Hire Won’t Make It

Three Signs a Recent Hire Won’t Make It

Have you recently hired some new employees, but aren’t sure if they have what it takes to excel in their new roles? There’s always a learning curve when it comes to acclimating new staff; however, it’s important to closely evaluate the attitudes and performance of new hires early on in their jobs. If you doubt the potential of a recent hire, here are three red flags that could indicate they may not last long at your company:

Lack of professional goals.

If a recent hire seemed goal-oriented during their interview, but no longer shows any sign of wanting to progress professionally, this could be a clear sign they’re only interested in earning a paycheck. An employee’s first few weeks at any job should be a time in which they ask questions, gain some mentorship, and set short-term goals for themselves. Giving your new hires assistance with goal setting may help them get focused on what areas they need to improve upon, as well as what they should be striving to achieve in the future.

They only give minimum effort.

A recent hire only doing the “bare bones” in their performance is likely to stunt themselves at your company and show a lack of commitment to their job. If you notice this happening, it’s critical to step in and immediately set expectations with the employee before things get out of hand. While the employee certainly doesn’t have to burn themselves out, they should be dedicated to building relationships with colleagues and putting in extra effort to get their job done – even if it means staying in the office later at times or taking on some additional tasks beyond the scope of their job.

They are consumed solely with advancement.   

While ambition and drive are great attributes, a recent hire who’s solely focused on advancing themselves and getting promoted is likely distracted from the work they need to be paying attention to in the present. Ideally, new hires at your company should be spending their time learning from others and absorbing what’s expected of them. If you find your new hire is overly consumed with impressing others, consider meeting with them privately and explaining that the performance they demonstrate during their first few months on the job are the stepping stones for achieving a promotion in the future.

Your New Hire Might Not Make It

These are just some of the signs indicating a new hire doesn’t have what it takes to excel at your company for the long haul. However, by learning to identify these red flags, you can take proactive steps to help new employees reverse negative behaviors and get on track to reach their greatest potential.

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