Operational Strategies for a Pandemic

Operational Strategies for a Pandemic

Has the COVID-19 pandemic turned your workplace upside down? When you’re managing a multifamily property, disruptions are multiplied. You’re likely to struggle when it comes to operations, efficiencies, and staff retention. Handle these disruptions well, and your business will overcome unexpected challenges and maintain a sense of normalcy no matter what each day may bring. Having trouble keeping up with work orders and other items that come up every day? Here are some core operational strategies that can help your team navigate this transition:   

Automate with technology. 

Does it feel impossible these days to keep up with work orders and ongoing maintenance demands when you’re short-handed? Investigate technologies that can help residents receive the attention they expect while keeping in-person contact to a minimum. Smart locks permit residents and contractors contactless access to properties. Conduct all possible business online such as leasing contracts, rent payments, and tenant service requests. Technology can enable you to do more with less while reducing the chance of spreading infection. 

Hire temporary employees. 

If your staffing levels are down, hiring temporary employees to fulfill labor needs can be a smart strategy, but it’s important to partner with the right company. The Liberty Group specializes in multifamily and commercial real estate staffing. Not only do we speak your language and understand your unique challenges, but we also maintain a bench of screened and ready-to-work staff.. If you find yourself short-handed because of the pandemic or even after, our temporary associates are vetted ahead of time and are well equipped to fulfill your labor needs with minimal supervision or training upon starting the job. Need to fulfill works order just for one day or for a longer-term? We can help! 

Establish relationships before you need them.    

Working with a specialized staffing firm can provide the resources you need to hire temp or permanent employees to keep up with the demands of operating a multifamily residence successfully. Outsourcing staffing needs can save a significant amount of time and money. Your staffing partner will conduct all screening, interviewing, and onboarding procedures on your behalf. By working with a staffing partner you can trust before your needs are urgent, you’ll have a quick and trusted resource for when you must fill last-minute vacancies during the pandemic..    

Implementing the strategies above will give your business the support and tools it needs not only to survive the pandemic, but to continue operating in a way that’s most productive for both your staff and tenants!

Feeling the pressure with a pile of work orders to complete?

Are your staffing levels being negatively affected during the COVID-19 pandemic? Call The Liberty Group for assistance in staffing temporary associates or maintenance technicians.