COVID-19 Recovery for Property Managers – Allowing Temporary Staff, Contractors, and Vendors on Site.

COVID-19 Recovery for Property Managers – Allowing Temporary Staff, Contractors, and Vendors on Site.

As COVID-19 recovery efforts begin in the workplace, property managers must increasingly take greater measures to ensure the highest degree of safety for employees and contractors on site. While it may seem overwhelming to navigate the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic, taking steps to promote a culture of health and safety at your property will be critical – even during the most unpredictable times. Here are some of the key steps you should take to ensure optimal health and safety for your entire staff:  

Develop a plan to communicate updated policies.  

Once you establish updated policies for your work site, it’s imperative to clearly and regularly communicate them with your entire staff, including temporary and permanent employees; contractors; and outside vendors. Developing a communications plan that addresses all new rules and guidelines will ensure that every person who works on your property understands the health and safety protocols that they are expected to follow. You can communicate updated guidelines through various channels, such as email newsletters; social media; and mailed memos to staff. Part of effective communication also involves encouraging staff to ask questions and provide feedback. For instance, if an employee feels that a co-worker is failing to follow the rules, he or she should feel comfortable reporting the situation to a supervisor in confidence.  

Provide training on updated hygiene and cleaning practices. 

No matter how much you trained your employees about sanitation in the past, the pandemic has made it essential to ramp up hygiene and cleaning protocols. You can start this process by educating your staff on best practices through onsite trainings, which may include video or other visual elements to demonstrate proper protocols. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your staff with the required personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks or goggles, which should be used on the job to protect themselves and coworkers, as well as tenants and other visitors on site.  

Stay informed about current health and safety regulations 

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing daily, it’s critical that your leadership team remains informed about the most current information as reported by government health officials and the CDC. Staying updated on the latest CDC guidelines will allow your team to adequately prepare and adjust policies to accommodate changes that may lie ahead. There are many reliable resources that address property management practices regarding COVID-19, which can be accessed on the CDC’s website. Remember, when it comes to achieving a healthy and safe environment, knowledge is your best defense!  

Through implementing sustained and enforced policies, you’ll demonstrate to your employees and tenants that you’re fully committed to their health and well-being. This will not only improve employee relations but elevate the quality of your workplace culture at large!  

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