Tips for Welcoming Temporary Employees

Tips for Welcoming Temporary Employees

Does your company frequently employ temporary workers? Just as it’s important to invest in full-time staff, investing in temporary employees – and making a point to welcome them to your organization – is critical for the successful operation of your organization at large. Here are some key tips for how to welcome and acclimate temporary employees to your organization:

Establish a formal onboarding process. 

Just as you would provide initial training and onboarding for full-time workers, establishing a formal onboarding process for temporary employees can be just as meaningful. The onboarding of temporary employees may include a streamlined paperwork process, virtual or onsite training procedures, and an orientation of company protocols and practices. Formal onboarding will provide temps with the knowledge, understanding, and expectations they need to be successful on the job for the duration of their contracts.

Check in with temps regularly. 

With so much emphasis on full-time staff, sometimes it’s easy to forget about checking in with your temps. Scheduling weekly or monthly meetings to review their performance and answer questions will keep your temps up to speed within your company, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident in their roles. Most importantly, it will show your temps that you care about integrating them on your team and are invested in their success at your organization.

Provide onsite training. 

Too often companies underestimate the importance of training temp workers. However, requiring ample onsite training not only prepares your temp workers for their jobs, but gives them the tools to thrive at your company in the future. With the right training, temporary workers may develop the potential to excel as full-time employees – which can have a direct effect on hiring and retention outcomes.

Taking the steps above to fully integrate temporary employees within your company will be key to creating a sustainable workforce that meets your short-term and long-term goals. 

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