How The “Great Reshuffle” Can Benefit Your Organization

How The “Great Reshuffle” Can Benefit Your Organization

Has your company undergone tremendous changes over the past couple years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Though major changes can present challenges, the shifts that have occurred aren’t all negative. In many ways, these large-scale shifts have gained traction as the “Great Reshuffle,” in which employers have restructured many elements of their businesses to stay viable.

If you’re still in the process of adapting, here are some facets of this movement and how it can benefit your organization:

Integrating a flexible work model. 

Though the concept of flexibility in the workforce has received increasing attention over the past decade, it’s safe to say flexible work models have become the gold standard for many thriving companies. Employers that integrate flexibility within workplace policies tend to attract more talent, and most importantly, provide current employees with employment that’s more conducive with the demands of today’s world. By formulating policies that are in alignment with work-life balance, your organization will be successful at adapting its workforce for the modern-day employee.

Building a “culture of learning.” 

Gone are the days in which employers can hire employees and hope they learn the ropes on their own. Companies that retain top talent for the long haul are increasingly building what’s become known as a “culture of learning.” This involves a commitment to creating an environment that continually allows employees to grow their skillsets; learn from colleagues and mentors; engage in collaborative training and development; and most importantly, feel comfortable seeking new knowledge. A culture of learning embraces the idea that employees are constantly evolving and should have ample opportunities to expand their qualifications and credentials. This is not only critical for retention but has a direct impact on your company’s ability to effectively upskill workers, as well as retrain them for the current needs of your workforce.

Fostering employee engagement. 

Fostering open and transparent dialogue between leadership and employees has become essential. Organizations that actively listen to their employees’ concerns and view their staff not just as workers, but as individuals with real thoughts and feelings, will do best in navigating this time of change. Demonstrating a commitment to employee engagement will not only build trust among your existing employees, but play a role in attracting new talent to what your organization has to offer.

With the right leadership approach, your organization can take steps to transform your organization from the ground up – renewing its sense of culture and commitment to both present and future employees.

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