The Liberty Group: A Warm Welcome for Returning Employees

The Liberty Group: A Warm Welcome for Returning Employees

As a company that values its culture and strives to create a positive work environment for its employees, The Liberty Group is thrilled to welcome back former employees to our team. Returnees, sometimes referred to as “boomerang employees”,  help us grow, diversify, and continue to push boundaries.

Welcome Back!

At The Liberty Group, many of our returning employees come back after appreciating the impactful work they have done here and wanting to further serve the organization and its customers. With each returning employee, we gain valuable experience and insight that help shape our future. There are also those who come back to The Liberty Group because they genuinely like the people they work with and enjoy the welcoming environment. We know The Liberty Group is a great place to work, and the credit truly goes to the people who work here.

“My journey started with Liberty in 2018. After coming from a difficult company, I did my due diligence on The Liberty Group talking to both former and current employees and knew I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. From the get-go I knew I was “home” – the people, the culture, the support. It was all here. I loved my job, my team, the people, and my clients. 2021 brought an out of state move and I had to say goodbye to familiarity and Liberty. After a stint at another multifamily company, I got the call I was waiting for – “we are launching Oklahoma.” In January I came back on board, and I couldn’t be happier! Company culture and work life balance are so much more than just a recruiting tactic – you can say you ‘have it’ but often times, companies fall flat. Liberty truly embodies culture and provides a work life balance that as an employee, you dream of! ”   
– Rachel M. Branch Manager, Oklahoma City / Tulsa

This past year has been a great example of our commitment to returnees. A number of our most cherished employees re-joined The Liberty Group from outside organizations, bringing with them unique perspectives, different ways of thinking, and new ideas.

Career Advancement

At The Liberty Group, we understand that returning employees bring a wealth of knowledge; that’s why we are committed to providing a comprehensive onboarding experience to ensure every returnee is welcomed and set up for success. Our commitment to professional development, ongoing education options, and meaningful career paths make The Liberty Group an ideal destination for those seeking to advance their career.

“When I made the difficult decision to resign from my role as Branch Manager and leave The Liberty Group, I knew that if another opportunity ever arose that better aligned with my needs that I would not even hesitate to return. I was beyond grateful to have received an email about two months after leaving from Elizabeth asking if I would want to come back. When I learned what the new role would be I did not have to think twice and was on board and ready to go. I have never worked for a better company and I am so excited for my new role and the amazing people that I now work for and get to work with. My goal has always been to find a company that I can grow within and stay for the duration of my career life and I have found that here. I am looking forward to being apart of the growth and hopeful that I can make a positive impact for The Liberty Group as a whole. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many talented individuals and work for leaders that truly inspire me every day. I am excited for my future with The Liberty Group”
Kelly P., CAM, CAS

It’s no secret that The Liberty Group’s culture is part of what makes it an appealing place to work. This is evident in the successful partnerships we’ve created, and the quality of the relationships we strive to build amongst coworkers and with our customers and clients.

Thank You, Employees!

The Liberty Group is lucky to have such passionate, talented, and knowledgeable individuals join our team, and we’re incredibly excited to be able to welcome back former employees that want to come back home. Whether you are a past employee or a new employee looking to join our team, we look forward to seeing what you can do to grow your own career, and make a difference at The Liberty Group. 

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