The Benefits of Utilizing Temporary Staffing for Leasing Agents

The Benefits of Utilizing Temporary Staffing for Leasing Agents

Leasing agents fulfill many responsibilities at a multifamily property, including handling telephone and email inquiries; recruiting new tenants; and marketing and showing the property, among many others. However, while leasing agents play a vital role at any property complex, the demand for these employees in a full-time capacity can vary based on many factors.

These are some ways in which The Liberty Group’s temporary staffing solutions can help you secure leasing agents:


Seasonal tenant changes. For many multifamily properties, staffing needs can be heavily seasonal. This is because occupancy tends to shift based on the time of year. Statistically, many new tenants move into their units during the months of February through July, while summer is typically peak time to ramp up resident engagement and create a vibrant community for tenants. Because of ongoing changes to tenant recruitment and engagement, there are different times of the year in which temporary staffing of leasing agents makes more sense.


Cost-savings. By employing temporary leasing agents, you can save significant money by avoiding costs associated with full-time employees, such as healthcare and retirement benefits. With temporary staffing, you can hire agents only when your property demands are highest and warrant a larger team. This will allow you to hire agents when you have the greatest need to find new tenants and fill units. As a result, you’ll save money that can be allocated towards other important expenses, such as marketing events or property maintenance.


“Try before you buy” options. If you have a need for a full-time leasing agent, but don’t want to make the commitment yet for a permanent employee, temporary staffing allows you to assess the performance of workers before hiring them for long-term positions. This can ensure you ultimately hire the right agents for your company and can witness their abilities before making them permanent members of your team.


From an operational and financial standpoint, staffing temporary leasing agents can be one of the best decisions you make for your property.


If you’re ready to find qualified leasing agents for your company, get in touch with The Liberty Group, a staffing firm specializing in the multifamily and apartment industry, to start finding the best candidates on the market.