How Can The Liberty Group Help You Fill Jobs Fast?

How Can The Liberty Group Help You Fill Jobs Fast?

Is your workforce changing at the speed of light? As the real estate industry continues to evolve, hiring must meet ongoing demands. As a property owner, your time is valuable, and finding candidates in a timely manner is paramount. By partnering with The Liberty Group, you can fill jobs quickly and efficiently with minimal headache. Here’s how we help:


Diverse array of candidates.

Our recruiters have access to a diverse array of candidates, all with varying skillsets and backgrounds. This allows us to find candidates with your qualifications in a timely manner, without having to spend many weeks or months sourcing talent. Whether you are growing your team or adding a new service or department, we can recruit candidates who align with your hiring needs and add value to your organization.


Experience with many real estate sectors. 

Over the years, The Liberty Group has acquired experience recruiting for all types of sectors within the real estate industry. Our real estate staffing and recruiting specialties include multifamily residential; commercial real estate; finance and accounting; student and senior housing; affordable housing; and construction management. Our expertise in these areas ensures we have the knowledge and abilities to find candidates specifically for the needs of your company, allowing us to place candidates in a wide range of relevant positions for your workforce (such as maintenance, construction, administrative, and more).


Securing contract employees.

For many companies, contract staffing can be a catalyst for fast hiring outcomes. At our firm, we educate multifamily employers about the benefits of contract staffing, which include adjusting to ongoing workforce changes; controlling overhead and employment costs; adding specialized workers; closing talent gaps; and keeping up with seasonal demand. Because contract staffing is very flexible, our firm can source candidates on short notice, such as when an employee unexpectedly quits or takes medical leave.


In many ways, a staffing partnership with The Liberty Group can be a major asset to your hiring efforts. Get in touch with our team to get started!