The Advantages of Flexible Staffing for Property Management

The Advantages of Flexible Staffing for Property Management

Are you tired of investing absorbent amounts of time and money into hiring new staff? With staffing and retention being a constant challenge for the property management industry, there’s been a growing movement towards “flexible” or contract staffing.

Here are some of the key benefits of flexible staffing services for multifamily property management:


Saving money.

Utilizing flexible staffing can prove to be a major cost-savings vehicle overtime. This is because it allows you to hire new staff only when your company needs new employees, such as during the summer or holiday months. The ability to tailor your hiring specifically around seasonal staffing demands can result in better budgeting, as well as reduced costs associated with training and onboarding full-time employees.


Improving staff retention.

During times in which your full-time staff is feeling overworked or expected to work longer hours, providing support with the addition of temporary workers can help to relieve burnout and resentment among your team. This can directly boost retention, as your employees will not feel as though they’re being taken advantage of when staffing vacancies occur. With temporary employees assisting with day-to-day responsibilities, your full-time staff will have more time to fulfill the duties involved in their own roles.


Accessing specialized skills. 

If you need new staff to fulfill various functions of your property, a flexible staffing model can help you tap into candidates with the right qualifications. For instance, in the case that you’re expanding your property and constructing additional residential units, you may need more maintenance workers for a specific period of time. In this case, you may opt to hire specialized maintenance tech workers on a short-term basis until the project is completed.


These are some of the most notable advantages of implementing flexible staffing within your company. Identifying a staffing method that works best for your property will ultimately benefit every aspect of your organization – from workplace culture to your bottom line.


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