How to Write a Job Posting that Attracts Top Candidates

How to Write a Job Posting that Attracts Top Candidates

Has finding top candidates been an uphill battle lately? With candidates having more job options than ever before, employers must continually refine their hiring practices to improve hiring outcomes. One major way to attract top candidates is to improve your company’s job postings.

Here are some tips for writing job postings that allow you to secure the best talent for your company’s workforce:

Use a short and brief layout.

Jobseekers review potentially hundreds of job postings each day and don’t have time to get bogged down in unnecessary details. Research indicates that less is more when it comes to job posting effectiveness, with a recent LinkedIn study showing that shorter job posts receive 8.4 percent more applications per view than average. When crafting a job posting, focus on developing a brief description that distinctly summarizes the role, along with bullets to emphasize key points. As candidates navigate different openings, this will make it easier for them to determine if your job is a fit.


Be specific about responsibilities.

When jobseekers consider new job prospects, they want to invest their time and energy into exploring the best opportunities for their skills, knowledge, and qualifications. To attract the right candidates, it’s important to be as specific as possible about the role and what’s involved in the position. This involves providing details about the daily responsibilities of the job, as well as what’s expected in terms of abilities and expertise. By being specific in the description, you’ll generate a higher quality applicant pool that’s aligned with your workforce requirements.


Highlight additional benefits. 

The most compelling job descriptions emphasize the benefits that come along with working for the employer. With many applicants wanting more than just a competitive salary, companies must go beyond pay and highlight unique offerings that will interest talented candidates. Some of these benefits may include paid parental level; unlimited vacation time; remote work options; flexible scheduling; and employee wellness programs. These types of benefits can differentiate you from the competition and incentivize the most driven candidates to pursue employment at your company.


By implementing these adjustments to your job descriptions, you can create more effective job postings that naturally draw the best candidates to your organization.


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