How to Navigate Legal Landmines in Real Estate

How to Navigate Legal Landmines in Real Estate

As a property owner or manager, are you informed about the most current legal regulations in real estate? While it may seem overwhelming at times, it’s imperative to stay informed about legal updates for the sake of your business and tenants. There are many facets to the legal landscape, especially when it comes to property management codes and standards. Here are some of the main factors to keep in mind when staying abreast of the latest legal regulations:


Local laws and ordinances.

All property managers must comply with a set of local laws and ordinances pertaining to the management of their properties. Legal adherence requires an understanding of many facets of property management within your jurisdiction, including occupancy limits; rent control laws; and eviction procedures. Staying fully informed and updated on the latest legal regulations in the field will ensure full compliance with the law.


Property and tenant safety.

While all property management companies should strive to provide the safest environment possible, there are often newly evolving legal requirements related to safety protocols. These laws cover requirements related to regular property inspections; repair and maintenance matters; and safety codes within your complex. With tenant safety being a top priority, all property managers should be vigilant in following all safety regulations to avoid legal liabilities.


Lease agreements.

A thorough understanding of how to develop a legally sound lease is essential for all property management professionals. Lease agreements should protect the landlord and tenant, covering all rules pertaining to property use. Lease agreements typically include clauses pertaining to terms of tenancy; monthly rent; security deposits and fees; maintenance responsibilities; occupancy limits; and much more. If you’re unsure of how to formulate a legally compliant lease agreement, always consult with an attorney for assistance.


By proactively educating yourself (and your team) about the latest legal regulations in the real estate field, you’ll position your property for greater long-term success while better protecting your property management business.

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