How Technology is Changing Onsite Property Management Roles

How Technology is Changing Onsite Property Management Roles

Emerging technologies are increasingly playing a critical role in the workforce, changing the way many jobs are performed. The introduction of new tools, systems, and devices has especially impacted the property management industry over the past several years, shaping many operational and management functions.

Here are some of the advanced technologies that are changing many onsite property management roles:


Workflow optimization tools

Property management companies are increasingly using workflow management tools to standardize operational and administrative practices. Property management software and automated systems allow for improved communication among staff and residents; enhanced customer service; and overall better productivity across the company. Property management workers who most often benefit from these tools include managers, receptionists, and leasing agents who must frequently perform administrative duties, such as answering calls and delegating tasks to others.


AI technology

AI continues to transform many jobs, and property management roles are no exception! Many onsite employees, including property managers and maintenance techs, have been positively impacted by the introduction of AI tools which offer many organizational benefits. AI technologies currently serve many functions for properties, such as automating service requests for residents; facilitating responsive communication with prospective tenants; and streamlining administration duties.


Remote monitoring and security systems

With many property management workers responsible for monitoring their sites, advanced devices and screening cameras can enhance security measures and minimize downtime. Providing real-time insights and instant alerts, these systems offer better protection for both staff and residents. They can also quickly detect issues like leaks or breaches, helping staff address serious privacy concerns before they become major problems.

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