Executive Search Tips: Interview Questions for Evaluating Candidates’ Leadership Styles

Are you responsible for hiring at your organization? If you’re tasked with finding candidates for leadership positions, you probably know that identifying leadership qualities can be difficult with today’s candidate pool. The questions you ask during interviews can help you determine the best candidates for executive leadership roles and which individuals have the potential to […]

Don’t Mortgage Your Future on a Bad Hire

Sometimes, you just need a little elbow room. With a teenager, 2 preschoolers, a toddler, and a dog in our tiny old house, “busting at the seams” was an understatement! So last year, my husband and I made the big decision to start shopping for a new house. We needed this one to be just right; […]

Ready to Hire? It’s Time to Give Your Whole Team a Checkup

Every day I am called by clients who need help finding their next great hire.  More often than not, they send me a standard job description along with a few other generic nuggets that make it hard for me to locate that perfect match who will immediately make a difference. Finding the Missing Piece My […]