Three Ways to Increase Resident Retention at Your Multifamily Property

Does it feel like you’re always recruiting more tenants for your property? In many ways, it’s much easier to keep existing tenants rather than spend money and time finding new ones. There are steps you can take to make resident satisfaction a priority, especially if you’ve noticed a drop in retention in recent months. Here […]

How Should You Approach Your Next Virtual Interview?

The Liberty Group How Should You Approach Your Next Virtual Interview_

If you’re a current jobseeker, you’ve probably noticed the world of interviewing has changed dramatically over the past couple years. Virtual interviews have taken the place of in-person interviews, resulting in both employers and candidates needing to adjust to this new and evolving interviewing format. As you connect with employers, here are some tips for […]

How to Get a Successful Professional Reference

Are you at the beginning of a new job search? In many cases, employers require at least one or two professional references from candidates. If you’re new to this process, there are some standard protocols to keep in mind when gathering references to use on your applications. As your job search gets underway, here are […]

How To Get Through Tough Interview Questions

If you’re actively seeking a new job, chances are you’ve experienced difficult interview questions that have been tough to answer on the spot. You’re not alone! At one point or another, every candidate encounters at least one interview question that catches them off guard and makes them struggle to find the right words. It’s how […]