News Flash: Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Job Search!

News Flash: Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Job Search!

Have you been job searching for months with no success? It may be time to take a step back and think about how your own personal choices may be affecting your job hunt. Believe it or not, your social media profiles can have a significant impact on whether you land a new job – and not necessarily in the way you might think. As social media becomes so integrated into our lives, it’s important to evaluate how you’re projecting yourself online and how this could affect employers’ perceptions of you as a candidate.


Before jumping to conclusions about your social media activity, here are some things to consider:


Don’t make all your social media profiles private.

This may contradict many of the things you’ve heard from instructors or career experts; however, it’s become a widely accepted belief that having a social media presence is now the expectation. This is because many employers believe candidates should indeed showcase themselves online – in a positive way! While you should avoid posting inappropriate or unprofessional posts or pictures, you should leverage your social media profiles to reflect your credentials and skills. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to share information about your past work experience, as well as your hobbies and career interests. Using social media for this purpose can give you an advantage over other candidates who lack a presence online.


Evaluate your social media connections.

“If you hang out with garbage, you’ll start to smell like it.” When it comes to social media, this expression could not ring truer. Your credibility as a candidate can be heavily influenced by those who you connect and engage with online. In addition to looking at your profile, employers may take a look at your contacts and make assessments about you by those you associate with on social media. Make a point to go through all your profile connections and delete connections who do not reflect positively on you. Closely monitor the content others post about you that has the potential to harm your online reputation.


Share professional content and grow your personal brand.

One of the most impactful aspects of social media is the power for users to shape and create the image they want to convey to others. Because you have the power to control what content and pictures you post, you can shape your personal and professional image to build your network and attract the types of individuals who can help you grow your career. This involves sharing content that would appeal to others in your industry, allowing you to enhance your online credibility and image. In general, it’s best to choose at least one social media profile that you can make strictly professional.


The online world provides many opportunities to make valuable connections and impress employers. When used the right way, social media has the power to accelerate your career and help you land your next job.


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