What to Do After You Receive a New Job Offer

What to Do After You Receive a New Job Offer

You’ve finally been offered the job of your dreams! Now what? After taking some time to celebrate, remember there are some important things you must do to ensure a positive transition into your new role. The last thing you want to do is leave your current job on a bad note or risk offending anybody in your professional network.


Here are three things to put on your to-do list immediately after accepting a job offer:


Notify your current employer.

It’s easy to dismiss or forget about your current employer as you look ahead to your new opportunity. However, you must be mindful in discussing your resignation with your boss and agree on a termination date, which would typically be two weeks after you announce your resignation. You should also submit a formal letter of resignation to your boss and the human resources department. While it may be tempting to delay having this conversation, it’s imperative your boss knows you’ll be leaving as soon as possible. This is so they have ample time to prepare for your absence and begin looking for somebody to take your place. Out of respect for your boss (and so you don’t burn any bridges), take the resignation process seriously!


Research your new employer. 

Before starting your new job, spend some time researching your new company. Whether it’s reading up on the company’s website, following its social media pages or subscribing to the company blog, it’s important you’re informed of the employer’s latest news and happenings before your first day. Checking out the company’s staff photos and biographies will also help you start memorizing faces and names so you don’t feel overwhelmed when meeting the team for the first time.


Take a couple of mental health days.

Sometime between ending your current job and starting your new one, take a couple of days to simply relax and reflect on your past, present and future. Taking the leap into a new job can certainly be stressful and it’s important to take a mental break before going “full force” into any new position. Whether it’s spending a few days at home or taking a weekend getaway, get the rest you need to feel rejuvenated and ready for your next professional endeavor.


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