7 New Technology Predictions That Will Change How You Attract Talent

7 New Technology Predictions That Will Change How You Attract Talent

As the hiring and recruitment landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical that organizations stay actively informed and educated about the most current technology trends. In years to come, the process of attracting and retaining high-quality candidates will be heavily determined by the technology employed by both recruiters and hiring managers – having the potential to have transformative organizational outcomes.


According to many talent acquisition leaders and industry experts, here are seven technology predictions that will change how you attract top talent:


  1. Virtual reality will become mainstream.

    Because of its interactive nature, virtual reality is expected to become a game-changer for recruiting. Many experts believe virtual reality will transform the candidate experience by creatively showcasing company culture to candidates and helping them see firsthand the type of workplace experience they could have.


  1. Lead generation for recruiting.

    Instead of traditional job ads, marketing automation and content marketing will become the preferred method for sourcing and hiring top talent. This will allow companies to better engage passive job seekers and improve the quality of their talent pool.


  1. Screening candidates on social media.

    The screening of candidates on social media is expected to continue as the majority of applicants have profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media screening will be used predominately to weed out bad candidates and ensure they’re projecting a favorable image of themselves online.


  1. Mobile hiring.

    With a growing number of U.S. residents using some sort of mobile device, many companies will make mobile-based recruiting a significant part of their hiring strategy. In particular, apps that target job seekers are expected to continue growing in popularity over the next several years.


  1. Artificial intelligence.

    Many experts believe there will be a greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to match the best candidates with the right types of jobs. Big data will ultimately drive better hiring decisions, having a more powerful impact on an organization’s operations and bottom line. Additionally, bots will be used for prescreening activities and streamlining the hiring process, leaving HR managers with more time to build their employer brand and onboarding.


  1. SMS and social media messaging.

    Direct and tailored communication among recruiters, hiring managers and candidates will begin to evolve dramatically through SMS (short message service) and social media platforms, taking the place of phone calls and emails. With automated channels, candidates will have instant updates about the status of their application and where they stand throughout the entire hiring process.


  1. Prescriptive analytics.

    The growth and prevalence of prescriptive analytics will result in better hiring decisions in the future. As analytical methods improve, accurate and timely data will continue to shape the hiring process and help HR pros set expectations for their recruitment strategies.


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