Work Smarter, Not Harder! How to Get More Done in a Day

Work Smarter, Not Harder! How to Get More Done in a Day

With tightening schedules and increased demands on the job, almost every professional wants to get more done in a day. Despite what most people think, productivity is really about working smarter, rather than harder. Changing the way in which you look at your schedule of tasks can help you better prioritize and manage your time more efficiently.


Check out these tips and tricks you can use to work smarter and get more done through your workday:


Schedule your day the night before.

Failure to plan your day the night before is sure to set you up for massive unproductivity! There’s a lot of value in mapping out your schedule and prioritizing projects for the next day before you leave work. Even just a simple to-do list written on paper can give you an outline for your day, allowing you to organize your thoughts and serve as a guide. While unexpected things always come up, having a general plan of action can keep you on track to stay on task and meet deadlines.


Complete your toughest project first.

It’s natural to put off the hardest items on your to-do list, but procrastination will only make you more unproductive. Regardless of how many things need to get done, make a game plan to tackle your most challenging projects early in the day. Getting your most difficult tasks completed first will allow you to make more room for your other work and reduce your stress. Additionally, the morning is when you likely have the most energy and focus, helping you produce the highest-quality work for your toughest project.


Automate more tasks.

With more technology and resources available than ever before, there are many ways to automate tasks that don’t require your personalized attention. For example, a property manager may use accounting software over manual bookkeeping to save time and better manage cash flow. Depending on your job, work on identifying your most time-consuming administrative tasks and find ways to automate them!


It’s always beneficial to reevaluate your daily work routine and identify ways in which you can improve your productivity. By following the tips above, you can improve your performance and develop better workplace habits for the long haul.


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