Leadership Language: Helping Your Property Managers Communicate More Effectively

Leadership Language: Helping Your Property Managers Communicate More Effectively

Have you found that your property managers struggle to lead their teams? Believe it or not, the communication practices you employ within your company can play a major role in the performance of your property managers and their ability to lead subordinates. As you aim to improve communication among your employees, check out this recommended two-step communications process your property managers can incorporate in their management routine:

Invest in ongoing training and development.

As your property managers, onboard new employees – and continually train existing ones – providing regular training and development is essential for communicating and refreshing their teams on your company’s policies, protocols, and expectations. By implementing interactive training programs, your property managers can engage their staff in collaborative exercises and conversations to help them resolve challenges together and learn from one another. Investing time and money this way will ensure all employees know what’s expected of them and have the tools and knowledge to excel. 

Conduct regular check-in meetings.

Rather than wait to share employee feedback at yearly performance reviews, encourage your property managers to conduct regular check-in meetings in which they provide updates to their employees. Having these regular in-person meetings will open lines of communication, provide ongoing guidance, and, most importantly, offer employees an outlet to share any questions or concerns that may have come up in their jobs. Employees will then have an opportunity to address any potential issues with their respective managers before they become larger problems that could affect performance or retention.

Looking To Improve Your Team?

Actively educating your property managers about the strategies above can have a significant impact on the overall success and productivity of your property. As you seek to improve your communication model, helping your managers facilitate these practices will get your company on track for greater success moving forward.  

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