Learn About the Unseen Costs of Hiring and Firing Employees

Learn About the Unseen Costs of Hiring and Firing Employees

Does it feel like your company’s bottom line is constantly affected by staffing costs? The process of hiring employees, and firing them for that matter, can be long and tedious, often draining your organization of valuable time, money, and resources. Working with a staffing partner like The Liberty Group can be instrumental in reducing costs associated with hiring and firing, and ultimately, streamlining your staffing process. With The Liberty Group’s Rapid Hire program, your company will experience an expedited hiring process, so you’ll obtain new hires with little to no wait time. The value of our Rapid Hire program is twofold. Here’s what you need to know:

You can hire your candidate today

If you have found your diamond in the rough and want to make sure that they don’t continue to interview other places, The Liberty Group can help.  With our Rapid-Hire program your candidate can start in as little as 24 hours while you process the new hire though the corporate channels at your company.  Additionally, with our program, you can essentially “try-out” an employee before potentially hiring them in a permanent capacity.

In-depth screening process

Just because we have a rapid hiring process doesn’t mean we cut corners on vetting candidates! On the contrary, all candidates go through an extensive screening process from the point of application to the point of hire (or rejection). Our screening procedures include background checks, safety and policy guidelines, reference checks, and drug screening (at the client’s request). Once this process is complete, the candidate is approved for payroll through The Liberty Group and can begin working immediately.

Multifaceted program benefits

Your company has many benefits for utilizing our Rapid Hire Program, with the first being liabilities and unemployment protection. If you need to fire an employee, we will handle the phone call and take care of all paperwork and liabilities, saving your internal team significant time and money.

To maintain a highly functioning organization, the quality of your workforce should always be the top priority. Investing in a staffing partner that provides efficient and effective hiring will save you from the many costs and headaches involved in bringing on new talent.  

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