Body Language: Become an Expert at Non-Verbal Communication

Body Language: Become an Expert at Non-Verbal Communication

Have you ever considered the role of body language in your career? In many ways, your non-verbal communication can affect how well you engage with others in various settings and situations, ultimately affecting the trajectory of your career growth over time.

If you want to become a body language expert, here are three essential non-verbal communication tips to follow:


Practice strong eye contact.

Eye contact is arguably one of the most important facets of effective non-verbal communication. Maintaining strong eye contact in your conversations with others demonstrates confidence and leadership, enhancing your credibility in the workplace. Making sure you’re not looking at your cell phone or computer screen when speaking with others can also help you increase your eye contact skills.


Make meaningful hand gestures.

The way in which you move your hands during conversations can surprisingly influence how your verbal communication is perceived by others. Intentional and assertive hand gestures will complement what you’re saying in getting your point across. Rather than fidget or cross your arms, practice making hand movements that are consistent with your message.


Don’t forget about your facial expressions. 

While it may sound obvious, your facial expressions can heavily influence your communication and how your messages are perceived. Being aware of your facial expressions when speaking will ensure you’re appropriately engaging with the other person, giving them your full attention (rather than looking around the room or in a different direction).


Positive body language is integral to your professional success in many ways. Making your non-verbal communication a top priority will give you an edge in all your career endeavors!


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