How You Can Start Streamlining Maintenance Through Automation

How You Can Start Streamlining Maintenance Through Automation

Maintenance is arguably one of the most time-consuming functions of any property management company. Fortunately, as a property manager, there are steps you can to make maintenance tasks less cumbersome for your team, residents, and maintenance techs. In recent years, the rise of automated systems and tools has allowed companies to perform maintenance significantly more efficiently and cost-effectively.

If one of your goals is to better streamline maintenance at your property, here are some of the most effective ways to implement automation:


Implement a user-friendly portal for residents.

When residents can access a user-friendly portal to submit maintenance requests, this directly has a positive impact on maintenance efficiency. Providing a platform that allows residents to communicate questions or concerns right from their phones or computers allows for more fluid communication with staff, and ultimately, more timely responses from maintenance techs which can be especially helpful for urgent matters.


Transition to a fully mobile maintenance system.

If you haven’t yet shifted to a fully mobile maintenance system, it may be time to consider this option! A mobile system offers a major value to your maintenance staff and property managers, allowing for information to be shared instantly among all members of your team. Whether it’s checking the status of resident requests or accessing work orders, this type of system ensures updates can be promptly disseminated on a 24/7 basis.


Invest in accounting software.

With maintenance costs rising, it’s critical to track all spending to ensure money is being used properly. Investing in accounting software can help your company better manage its finances and spend money on the maintenance

work that is most important. By tracking expenses, you can plan ahead for yearly maintenance projects and necessary repairs. Accounting software will also help you establish an annual maintenance budget to ensure all property needs can be met without incurring unexpected costs.


By embracing automated technologies, both your staff and residents will benefit from improved communication and responsiveness!

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