Location, Location, Location: Recruitment Strategy Tips for the Multifamily Industry

Location, Location, Location: Recruitment Strategy Tips for the Multifamily Industry

Do you need to grow your property’s onsite workforce? When it comes to the property management field, most employers need to focus recruitment efforts on localized candidate searches to fill roles at their sites. From leasing agents to maintenance technicians, it’s essential to employ workers in relative proximity to your property.

Here are three ways to find viable candidates in your community and improve your recruitment outcomes:


Optimize job descriptions.

With job descriptions often being the first point of reference for jobseekers, it’s essential that you optimize them according to a position’s location. Including a mention of location in the job subtitle and description will immediately draw attention from candidates in your property’s respective geographic region. Following best search engine optimization (SEO) practices will help you develop job postings that generate more traction on Google from jobseekers in your area.


Participate in regional networking and industry events.

Every region has its own business community and events. By representing your company at relevant industry networking events and job fairs, you can educate jobseekers about your employment opportunities and benefits. Making networking part of your recruitment strategy will allow you to specifically reach candidates in your property’s designated area in a more direct and personalized way.


Use a property management staffing agency.

Using a professional staffing agency can be instrumental in finding candidates in your area. Your firm will strategize its search around your needs, taking location into account among many other factors when evaluating potential candidates. Using an agency to search and vet candidates will relieve your internal team from many aspects of the tedious recruitment process, allowing them to focus on other parts of hiring.


With these strategies, you can refine your recruitment process and maximize time and resources spent on hiring!

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