A Day in the Life of an Assistant Property Manager

A Day in the Life of an Assistant Property Manager

Exploring jobs in the property management field? If you have a combination of management, customer service, and administrative skills, you may want to consider pursuing a career as an assistant property manager. As more individuals and families are choosing to reside in multifamily living spaces, property management companies are increasingly expanding their teams to accommodate growing demands.

If you think a job as an assistant property manager may be of interest, here’s a breakdown of some of the main responsibilities involved in this role:

Execute marketing campaigns targeting prospective tenants.

Assistant property managers are very involved in the ongoing marketing of their properties to prospective tenants. This involves a variety of activities, including conducting open houses and tours; creating and managing online ads and social media channels; and scheduling private meetings with interested tenants. Most assistant property managers must exemplify strong communication, sales, and customer service skills on a regular basis.


Oversee and manage maintenance needs.

Assistant property managers are responsible for managing most aspects of their properties, including maintenance. From responding to tenant concerns to delegating tasks to maintenance techs, there is often an endless array of maintenance and groundskeeping needs that must be addressed every day. Assistant property managers must be proactive with having maintenance issues handled promptly, as they can often result in potentially costly problems for their properties. Some of these matters may involve plumbing; electrical work; heating and cooling repairs; and much more.


Perform a wide range of administrative tasks.

Administration is a major part of an assistant property manager’s job, especially in smaller offices in which managers take on several roles. Some of the many administration responsibilities may include processing tenant applications; collecting and posting rents; completing certification and compliance paperwork; negotiating agreements and licenses with company vendors and partners; and preparing contract negotiations.

As you can see, assistant property management roles can be very dynamic and multifaceted. If you’re ready to secure your first assistant property management position, get in touch with The Liberty Group and learn how we can put you on track to success!