How Can You Find (and Keep) Great Property Management Talent in 2024?

How Can You Find (and Keep) Great Property Management Talent in 2024?

Has your business suffered in recent months due to a lack of talent? Making it a priority to find – and retain – top talent can have a major on your bottom line. There are several ways to amplify your hiring process and increase employee engagement to achieve your organizational goals. As 2024 is now in full swing, consider these three proven recruitment and retention strategies:


Develop a strong employer brand.

With jobseekers in the property management field having access to many employment opportunities, companies that position themselves most competitively tend to attract the most skilled candidates. Though appealing salaries and benefits are important, a well-established employer brand is crucial for generating a robust talent pipeline of exceptional talent. Examples of effective employer branding include showcasing a positive workplace culture; creating diversity initiatives; and promoting your organizational mission.


Focus on upskilling.

While it’s a good idea to promote a path to advancement, it’s equally important to invest in upskilling, a practice that allows your existing employees to acquire additional skills within your organization. Over time, upskilling provides employees with the vital training and knowledge to assume new responsibilities as vacancies occur or new roles are added to your team. This can promote significant internal mobility among current staff, improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.


Listen to employee feedback.

A major component of any retention strategy should be gathering employee feedback. Your employees all have different opinions and concerns that should be considered as you look to improve your corporate culture. Engaging employees in a dialogue about your workplace will make them feel more connected to your mission, giving them a greater sense of purpose at your company. This will ultimately lead to more job satisfaction among your team, as they’ll know their thoughts and feelings matter.


Remember, your employees are your biggest asset! By implementing the practices above, you’ll improve both hiring and retention at your company.


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