Creating Irresistible Property Marketing

Creating Irresistible Property Marketing

Are you ramping up sales and marketing this summer for your property? Creating compelling marketing campaigns is certainly easier said than done, especially with so much competition on the rise in the property management landscape. However, property owners who understand the value of high-quality marketing ultimately execute campaigns that yield the best results.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your marketing outcomes:


Invest in professional staging.

When it comes to attracting tenants to your property, visual appeal is critical! Investing in staging of your property can significantly elevate its appearance and make a stronger impression on prospective residents. With studies showing that professionally staged properties get up to 70 percent more traction than non-staged units, staging is arguably an essential component for sales and marketing. From furniture staffing to interior décor additions, visual updates can evoke an emotional response from viewers and become one of the most impactful drivers to securing new tenants.


Optimize your website.

With your website often being one of the first points of exposure, it’s imperative to fully leverage this vital online resource for tenant marketing. There are many ways to optimize your website to promote lead generation, such as providing clear and user-friendly navigation; detailing property listings with photography; and including information about your management and leasing team. Additionally, your website should ideally have a call-to-action form in which visitors can easily get in touch with inquiries. By integrating these components, you’ll facilitate lead generation directly through your website, resulting in more points of contact with potential residents.


Leverage digital channels.

While traditional marketing methods (such as print brochures and paid ads) still play a role in driving property sales, there’s no denying that digital marketing has surpassed these types of tactics. Digital marketing channels are increasingly effective in generating a greater tenant pipeline, reaching a wider audience with the potential to exceed geographic barriers. Among many digital marketing options, paid Google ads and social media offer ways to strategically target your ideal tenants based on a variety of criterion, such as region; amenity preferences; budget; lifestyle needs; and so much more. Devising a digital marketing plan will allow you to engage individuals who are the best fit for your property’s offerings, maximizing your staff’s use of time and marketing resources!

With the approach outlined above, you can implement a sustainable marketing plan that enables you to continually build your community of residents!

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