Stepping Into a Leadership Role? Try These Tips!

If you’re stepping into a leadership role for the first time, the prospect of guiding others can be a daunting one. The good news is, while some leadership skills are innate and difficult to teach, others can be learned. Most anyone can become a good or even great leader if they are willing to work […]

The Ultimate To-Do List for Welcoming New Hires

It’s fair to say there’s quite a bit written about best employee-retention practices, but what about how to treat the newest employees? Properly onboarding new hires requires a comprehensive effort to make them feel welcome and connected to your organization right from the start. While you should certainly focus your attention on the hiring process, […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder! How to Get More Done in a Day

With tightening schedules and increased demands on the job, almost every professional wants to get more done in a day. Despite what most people think, productivity is really about working smarter, rather than harder. Changing the way in which you look at your schedule of tasks can help you better prioritize and manage your time […]